Alkaline Jazmin Water Filter Replacement 3 Pack (Fits Mavea)

Alkaline Jazmin Water Filter Replacement 3 Pack (Fits Mavea)

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💧 TODAY’S DIET: According to experts a healthy diet is based on 70-80% of alkaline food and 20-30% of acid food as shown in the food chart of Picture 5. This water purifier filter removes heavy metals, improves the PH balance on your body, washes acid waste products from cells and tissues, and reduce fat cells to increase weight loss

💧 INSTANT ALKALINE WATER: These water filter cartridges increase water PH level up to 2 points and provides low negative ORP:-200-100mv.This alkaline filter transforms hard water into the rich antioxidant water to help energize & revitalize your body. Use filtered water for drinking, preparing coffee, tea, cooking, filling ice cubes and feeding our pets and plants.

💧 CONVENIENCE: Tested to last 42 Gallons, (1 month of use if you fill the alkaline pitcher 3 times a day or 2 months if is filled twice a day). This alkaline water filter fits MAVEA 1001122. We provide alkaline water tested by independent laboratories WQA. NSF/ANSI. The super-fast 4 stages filter is a premium water filtration system on the market guaranteeing the best quality.

💧 BENEFITS: These filter cartridges help you remove free radicals and eliminate toxins with powerful ANTIOXIDANTS. By drinking alkaline water, you rehydrate and BALANCE your PH for PH restore. A balanced PH diet helps your body and improves its performance. Please read the product description for more information

💧 TECHNOLOGY & COMMITMENT: A certified premium water filter replacement to get the most of your kitchen faucet tap water, save money and avoid 930 plastic bottles per filter pack for a low price. Additionally, ordering a water filter kit you are helping NGOs to preserve natural resources for future generations. 100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE