Knife & Scissors Sharpener 4-Stage, Anti-Slip Safe Pads

Knife & Scissors Sharpener 4-Stage, Anti-Slip Safe Pads

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SHARP AND RESTORE ALL YOUR COOKING BLADES IN SECONDS: No need to be a professional to use this kitchen knife sharpener, with 4 sharpening stages to offer; 1. For Scissors, and three materials for different levels of sharp, 2. Coarse, 3. Fine, 4. Ceramic. Take your favorite knives and pull trough 3-5 times, for scissors just put in the first slot and push through 3-5 times to get best results

SAFE: Wamery scissor and knife sharpeners have a sturdy and practical design to fit into any kitchen drawer and blend with your cooking utensils. This manual scissor sharpener professional comes with non-slip pads that provide control for a safe job. A kitchen utensil for everyone.

PROFESSIONAL KITCHEN TOOL: As seen on tv professional knife sharpener best, get a real knife sharp, this knife sharpeners works for stainless steel, butcher axes, chef´s, utility, paring, clip point, tourne, slicers, filleting and cleaver knives, except serrated ones. Watch our demonstration video.

USEFUL: Stop throwing away blunt knives, or dull scissors. This knife sharpener scissor will turn blades from coarse to fine sharpened to look as good as new or better. Great for all blades sizes. Plus, its easy-grip handle makes it suitable for right and left-handed cooks

DURABLE: Built with stainless steel, an ergonomic rubber handle, and diamond abrasives, this kitchen tool has everything you need. Looks good on the kitchen counter and works great for a new homeowner, a foodie or a cooking lover, it`s the kitchen tool, to keep knives with a professional Chef`s sharp.