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guaranteed,no questions asked. We seek two-way communication

appreciating feedbacks and suggestions.


Every product is designed by chefs, tested by engineers and in compliance with the Highest American standards like FDA and NSF/ANSI certifications to assure you high quality products.


We sponsor different NGO’s around the world who works finding ways to reduce contamination and investing in new ways to optimize the use of natural resources. Our final goal is to preserve natural resources for the next generations.

We are conscious of the world we live in.  We design every product taking into consideration the environmental impact and recycling possibilities.

Only 0.003% of the world’s water is unpolluted fresh water.

Only 24.6% of fresh water is located in North America, Europe and Australia. The remaining 75.4% is in developed countries where the people may not be conscious in preserving natural resources and pollution legislation is weak. A perfect environment for private companies to take advantage of it.

Many areas of the world are already experiencing stress on water availability due to the accelerated pace of population and an increase in the average consumption per person, it is expected that this situation will continue, and get worse.

We have only one world and we believe children deserve to grow in a green planet like we did. To achieve that everyone should be aware and committed to this goal. Our contribution to this cause is to donate a percentage of the income to recognized NGO’s who know how to address this issue in the areas were fresh water is concentrated by coaching local people, counselling the government to improve local legislation. You have the choice, will you help us?

We encourage different NGO’s to apply to our program and show what they did with your help.


The first NGO to join was FEV from Argentina


Fundación Espacios Verdes is an NGO, which has worked on environmental education over the last 25 years, focusing on human development and environmental care. Since the beginning they have had renovation and dynamism as core values.

The mission of Educating and raising awareness with responsibility is accomplished by the integration of diverse projects within their own nature.

Through volunteer’s passion and time spent, the foundation has achieved a working network which sustains its mission. This allows the foundation to

take part on multiple fronts, integrating society and strengthening links with other NGOs, universities, government agencies and companies.

The foundation has experience articulating public policy, corporate responsibility and social needs. Understanding that everyone has responsibility on modifying reality, activities are carried out contributing to corporate social responsibility as a response for social expectation, integrating ethics, community, environmental welfare and business performance.

Wamery water filter pitcher is a social responsible and sustainable initiative which provides quality of life and preserves water. Time request us to commit with environmental solidarity. Future generations will thanks us, today is the beginning.





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