Discover the benefits of alkaline water

Discover the benefits of alkaline water


There is a lot of information about alkaline water, but what we really know about it?. The PH scale is a number that measures how acid or alkaline a substance is, the scale goes from 0 to 14 (1 is very acid and 14 is very alkaline). Regular water has a PH of , instead, alkaline water has a PH between 8 and 9.



According to several studies Alkaline water has benefits for the human body, for
example, it helps to reduce blood viscosity by 6.3%, increasing the blood flow,
delivering more oxygen through the body. Also, Alkaline water may help to deactivate pepsin, the main enzyme that causes acid reflux.


All those benefits must cost a fortune... the good news is, it's not necessary that way, in Wamery we believe that everybody should have the opportunity to get access to Alkaline water without going out to the store to buy a bottle, that why we design the best refrigerator filter to alkalinity, the only one with NSF ANSI 42 certification, bring in Alkaline water to the comfort of your home. The best part, you can get it from your chair, order in amazon and get it without even going outside.

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