The joy of homemade

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Our goal

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quote; we believe in thinking differently to provide new ideas to improve the family's life quality.

Our Story

Wamery is a family business, created from the necessity to bring solutions to our everyday problems. Being small and independent allows us to move faster and in a different direction than big corporates, as we only care about our friends and customer's everyday problems.

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Our mission

We keep ourselves updated: raising awareness on healthy habits and creating household products to help you achieve them. They are beautifully designed, easy to use, developed by real users and eco-friendly.

We encourage everyone who shares the same values to join us. Together we are stronger. 

Instant alkaline water

Get instant alkaline water and ice cubes directly from your Samsung refrigerator

Special price

Receive alkaline water and ice cubes from your refrigerator paying even less than the original neutral water filter.

Unique and certified

The only certified refrigerator alkaline water filter to increase water pH level and alkalinity. Also, reduces contaminants and chlorine taste & odor.

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