Collapsible Silicone Food Container, Airtight, BPA Free

Collapsible Silicone Food Container, Airtight, BPA Free

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SILICONE FOOD CONTAINERS: Small (500 ml), Medium (800 ml), and Large (1200 ml). Wamery design the ideal set of 3 food storage containers that offer many options, you can use to keep fresh fruit, salad, veggies, meat, cereal, or like stackable lunch containers or take with you when goes to your favorite restaurant and use like leftover containers.

SPACE-SAVING COLLAPSIBLE CONTAINERS: Are useful thanks to its rectangular form and collapsible feature, you will love them, just press down your collapsible storage containers and reduce 70% of its original size to adapt perfectly into all kitchen cabinets, helping you to keep everything organized in your kitchen.

NON PLASTIC FOOD CONTAINERS: These collapsible food storage containers with lids are made for silicone, which is completely safe for foods and your family, are thick, durable and equipped with airtight plastic lids with an air vent plug, become in a perfect choice for all your food storage needs, indoor and outdoor activities

ECO-FRIENDLY FOOD CONTAINERS: Be more environmentally responsible, join Wamery Team and stop using styrofoam or plastic containers and help reduce waste with our non-breakable collapsible tupperware set, are made from high-quality silicone so you can use them for a long time. They are Microwavable, Dishwasher, and Freezer Safe

GREAT QUALITY & STRUCTURE: With a silicone structure, these silicone food grade storage containers with lids are safe for contact with food, and unlike glass containers has no risk of tear or breaking. stop buy more disposable containers, and reduce waste with these collapsible silicone food container


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