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Alkaline Fridge Filter - Samsung DA29-00003G

Alkaline Fridge Filter - Samsung DA29-00003G

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About this product

  • 💧 A revolutionare fridge filter: Our refrigerator water filter transforms your water into clean alkaline water to energize and revitalize your body, improving its taste and increasing the pH of the water.
  • Our third certified alkaline refrigerator filter: Tested by an independent USA lab, this water filter for refrigerator, compatible with Samsung DA29-00003G, DA29-00003B and more.
  • 🥇 Top tier filtration: Our coconut shell activated carbon rod process is designed to not only increase alkalinity, but to reduce up to 99 % of numerous potentially harmful contaminants which may be present in your tap water.
  • 💙 A Treat for your body: A balanced pH diet optimizes your Digestive, Circulatory, Immune, Respiratory, Nervous, Excretory, Muscular and Reproductive systems.
  • 💦 A Natural Energy drink, from your fridge: Unlike regular filters, Wamery's alkaline water refrigerator filter dispenses water and ice cubes that, by themselves, improve resting and exercise acid-base balance. 
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