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Alkaline Fridge Filter Samsung DA29-00020B - 3 Pack

Alkaline Fridge Filter Samsung DA29-00020B - 3 Pack

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About this product

  • 💧 HEALTHY HOME HYDRATION: Transcend regular water with alkaline benefits; achieve a pH of 8.5+ and 90 ppm alkalinity. Certified by NSF/ANSI 42, our filter promises purity and protection from contaminants for every family member.

  • 💧 TOTAL BODY HARMONY: Embrace the numerous benefits of a pH-balanced diet for the entire family. From boosting digestion to combating acid reflux, alkaline water is the wellness key.

  • 💧 ECO & BUDGET FRIENDLY: Eliminate the need for costly machines and countless store trips. Our certified filter, tested in the USA, yields up to 300 gallons of pristine alkaline water and ice cubes.

  • 💧 EVERYDAY VITALITY: Keep your family active and focused. Our alkaline water enhances well-being, providing consistent energy, and keeping everyone at their best.

  • 💧 OUR FAMILY SERVING YOURS: Wamery stands on values of community and quality. Our journey, marked by 30,000+ satisfied families and dedicated R&D, reflects our commitment. Choose health; choose Wamery.
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