Adjustable Knife V-Sharpener with Anti-Slip Pads

Adjustable Knife V-Sharpener with Anti-Slip Pads

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ADJUSTABLE KITCHEN KNIFE SHARPENER: Its the sharpening tool that you must have in your home. Wamery team developed this reliable knife sharpener with a unique sharpening angle guide system. Now you can restore and give a new razor edge to all your dull straight and serrated knives. Stop throwing away your favorite knives using this serrated knife sharpener. Watch our video and see how to use it.

NO MORE DANGEROUS DULL KNIVES - Performing a better work in your kitchen, restaurant or BBQ with sharper knives is faster, safer, and easier. Save time with this honing steel portable knife sharpener. Create a sharpest double-beveled edge on the blade, just put the dull blade on the auto-adjust angle sharpening slot and enjoy razor edge in seconds.

SHARP ALL YOUR KNIVES: Developed with auto-adjust tungsten rods, with this professional knife sharpener you can sharp Bread Knife, Fillet Knife, Boning Knife, Chef knife, Japanese knife, or Steel knife. Easy to use thanks to its adjustable angle knife sharpener system.

SAFE AND PORTABLE: with a small, sturdy design and an ergonomic handle that provides a comfortable safe grip, and the anti-slip silicone pads on the base provide more stability at the moment when you use it. Our kitchen serrated knife sharpener is durable, compact and very useful for any knives that you have at home.

LIFETIME WARRANTY: Wamery team works hard every day to guarantee you’ll love this effective knife sharpener made with durable and superior materials to offer a high-quality professional multifunction knife honing and knife sharpener for serrated edges.


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