Jazmin Water Filter Replacement 3 Pack (Fits Mavea)

Jazmin Water Filter Replacement 3 Pack (Fits Mavea)

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💧 HEALTHY LIFE: We offer an efficient water filter system as a solution to polluted tap water. Improve your nutrition drinking purified water with a water purifier filter that removes heavy metals, eliminates chemicals reduces harmful synthetics

💧 A FRESH TASTE: With our water filters so you can be sure you are supplying your family and loved ones with fresh water every day. Turn the hard water from the kitchen faucet into delicious clean water in a minute. Use filtered water for drinking, preparing coffee, tea, cooking, and feeding our pets. Healthy water without unwanted metals

💧 CERTIFIED FILTER: This filter makes water clearer, healthier and tastier, and reduces the risk of gastrointestinal diseases. The super-fast 4-stage filter is a premium water filtration system that guarantees the best quality. Tested at: NSF/ANSI 53 with proven reduction of Cadmium, Copper & Mercury. NSF/ANSI 42 Activated Carbon. Charcoal reduces Chlorine taste, odor, and Zinc. NSF/ANSI 372 for a lead-free compliance

💧 SAVE MONEY: This fresh water filter comes with a rubber ring around its body to fit Wamery, Mavea, and Brita's pitchers. Certified to last for 42 gallons and save up to 310 water bottles. Each water filter cleaner lasts for 1 month if you fill the water pitcher 3 times a day or 2 months if you fill it twice a day. Lose the water bottle and stop spending money other on water filter brands.

💧 TECHNOLOGY & COMMITMENT: Wamery is developed the ultimate water filter kit made of 100% recyclable plastic and with your order, you are helping NGOs to preserve natural resources for our children. This eco-friendly plastic jar will provide purified water to your loved ones. We are 100% money back guarantee, try us!